3 home maintenance tips to save you money on water leaks and hot water heater repairs

Posted at 4:25 AM, Aug 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-24 06:25:42-04

How often do you look under your sink to make sure there are no leaks? Do you ever flush your hot water heater?

Experts say a few simple things can save you hundreds on home repairs.

First, look under your kitchen sink.

"I recommend customers don't put too many cleaning products under sink," said Sasha Popovic with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. "It starts putting pressure on the P- TRAP, pipes, water lines and supply lines going to the faucet."

Popovic said all those items may also prevent you from seeing a small water leak or drip, until it gets larger and requires more costly repairs.

Second, consider a water alarm for under your sink and your equipment room.

"if something leaks, it lets you know before water gets all over the basement," Popovic explained.

And third, Popovic recommends spending some time maintaining your water heater.

"Flush the water heater, like changing the oil in your car every 3000 miles, it's really important to do this," Popovic said.

Lowe's websitehas directions for flushing your water heater and testing the pressure valve.

Popovic said flushing the water heater will extend the life of the appliance and give you better water quality in the house.