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M&M’s has a new ‘cocoa crisp’ flavor with a rice cereal-style center

M&M’s Has A New ‘cocoa Crisp’ Flavor With A Rice Cereal-style Center
Posted at 4:55 PM, Aug 01, 2019

It’s not even August yet, but M&M’s is already ready for fall! The iconic chocolate company is celebrating everyone’s favorite spooky holiday early with the launch of its new Creepy Cocoa Crisp candy.

Target is clearly ready for a new season, as it’s already stocking these Halloween candies on its shelves! The Creepy Cocoa Crisp candy has a cocoa crisp center, similar to Rice Krispies cereal, and is covered in a layer of dark chocolate and then the candy shell.

In all honesty, this new seasonal flavor sounds like it’d be a great addition to your morning cereal, especially when fall actually hits!

Food blogger @munchiebunchie from Los Angeles first discovered them in mid-July, posting this image:

However, the food blogger duo @mnmtwinz found the new product at a Target in New York City and posted more details about it, including a quick review. The product, which is exclusively being sold at Target, is selling for $3.19 a bag. However, according to @mnmtwinz, you might need a little help locating them. According to their post, they had to ask an employee to check the back room.

That said, the Holloween confection sounds delicious! Judging by the fact that the twins who run the account are junk food experts who have dedicated their entire account to “exploring everything new, rare or interesting” in the junk food world, we trust their opinions.

“For chocolate lovers such as ourselves, this easily beats many m&m flavors out right now (although peanut butter m&m’s will remain our top favorite),” their Instagram post states. “The dark chocolate is rich and a little bitter as dark chocolate should be, and the cocoa crisp is satisfying.”

M&M’s rolls out several new flavors each year that we patiently look forward too. Last year they blessed us with three fun fall flavors including White Pumpkin Pie, Ghoul’s Mix and White Candy Corn.

Any of them might go well in this simple recipe, shown in a video by Instagrammer @neuroticmom. It requires just pretzel snaps, a meltable chocolate candy such as Hershey’s Kisses or Hugs, and M&Ms in your favorite flavors or colors. You probably already have these three things in your kitchen, right?

Simply top the pretzel snap with a chocolate, pop it in the oven for seven minutes at 200°, and put some seasonal M&Ms on top. She did a July 4th holiday version, but you could definitely switch it up for Halloween! The recipe is posted here.

What has been your favorite M&M’s seasonal flavor?

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