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Missouri restricts health care, sports participation for trans minors

New laws will sharply limit gender-affirming care for trans minors and bar trans girls and women from playing school sports.
Missouri restricts health care, sports participation for trans minors
Posted at 4:10 PM, Jun 07, 2023

Missouri's Republican Governor Mike Parson on Wednesday signed a law that will soon limit gender-affirming care for transgender minors and some adults.

The law will take effect on August 28, when it will constrain access to hormones, puberty blockers, and gender-affirming surgery. Meidicaid will not cover gender-affirming care, and prisoners seeking it will have to pay for it out of pocket.

The bill includes an exception that will allow transgender minors who are already receiving care to continue treatment.

Gov. Parson also signed a law that bans transgender girls and women from playing on school sports teams from kindergarten to the college level. Schools that violate the law would lose all state funding.

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Parson said in a statement, "We support everyone’s right to his or her own pursuit of happiness. However, we must protect children from making life-altering decisions that they could come to regret in adulthood once they have physically and emotionally matured."

Parson threatened to keep the Republican legislature working past the May 12 end of its session if it did not pass the bills for his signature.

Missouri is now one of 20 states with laws restricting gender-affirming care for transgender minors.

The ACLU of Missouri has promised to challenge the law, saying it will "explore all options" to oppose the ban.

As written, the laws are scheduled to expire in 2027.

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