You can vape vitamins, but should you?

Posted at 5:53 AM, Nov 12, 2018

SHEBOYGAN, Wis. — Many people are looking at a certain vitamin to make it through the day: B12.

You may have heard about people getting B12 injections for a boost in energy. What about vaping it? Some worry you could end up inhaling too much.

Allison Vandeveld knows the nicotine they sell in their Sheboygan, Wisconsin vaping store, VapinUSA, delivers a direct hit to their customer's body.

"It goes to the receptors for nicotine and it ends that craving that you have in there and hits the rest of your body going to your brain as well," Vandeveld said.

Which is why she is weary about vaping B12.

"We don't want to put anything out there that could potentially cause danger or possibly overdosing on a vitamin," said Vandeveld.

There are many links online to get your hands on this product. Nikki Walter says she depends on a diffuser to give her an extra push to get through the day.

"I feel like I have more energy. I know that I can go through the day without a nap," Walter said.

The American Lung Association's senior scientific advisor Dr. Norman Edelman said more research is needed to truly answer if vitamin vapes are safe.

"The question is do they get into your bloodstream and do the job of vitamins? The answer is we don't know. I mean there is little to no scientific evidence on that topic," Edelman said.

He adds there is no way to know yet whether the vitamin vapes can cause long-term damage to your lungs.