Effort to limit how small airline seats can shrink

Attempt to limit airline seat size
Posted at 4:21 PM, Jul 26, 2017

DENVER -- Just walk the aisle, and you can see that airline cabins are getting cramped.

"I've flown United, Southwest and now Frontier, and they're getting smaller for sure," said one passenger at Denver International Airport.

To cut down on the confined conditions, lawmakers will likely vote this summer on the SEAT Act.

It would establish a minimum seat size and a minimum distance between the rows on commercial airplanes.

This isn't just about comfort, flight attendants point out; it's about safety and the need to quickly evacuate during an emergency.

"That's what the FAA requires -- that we evacuate in less than 90 seconds,” said Adrienne Prince, a Denver-based flight attendant and member of the Association of Flight Attendants.

Prince understands the need to establish some limits.

"Just like a traffic jam on I-25, there's no way you can get through," she said.

More seats means more income potential for the airlines.

Earlier this year, American Airlines announced, it's adding some seats and shrinking your legroom. And if you want more room, you'll likely have to pay for it, as airlines charge for roomier seats.