How sunshine makes us ... stupid?

Study says better weather makes us work less hard
Posted at 9:37 AM, Jun 14, 2018

Sunny skies cause people to pay less attention to what they are doing; they daydream and feel more relaxed by it.

Biometeorology studies show people focus less when the sun is shining. Watch the video above to learn more. (If you can't see it, visit the Storm Shield YouTube page.)

While we may not work as hard when it's sunny, there are plenty of benefits. Natural sunlight hits the skin and provides people with Vitamin D, which protects against inflammation and lowers blood pressure. Vitamin D also improves brain function, which may help us refocus when we're daydreaming.

Studies show sunlight may bring a reduced risk of breast and prostate cancers, also because of Vitamin D.

One report says to target at least 10 minutes of non-sunscreened exposure to the sun every day. (Any more than that might lead to sunburn.)