No time to cut down a Christmas tree? Amazon will deliver a fresh, live tree to your door

Posted at 11:43 AM, Nov 19, 2018

Amazon shoppers can order a fresh-cut Christmas tree starting today.

CNET published a report Monday that describes the buying process, what to expect when it arrives at your home and the overall quality of the tree.

CNET says when the box arrived, FedEx offered to bring the box with the tree inside and also needed a signature to complete the delivery.

Upon opening the box, the Fraser Fir tree was still damp.

"Like all trees, there are some wonky branches and gaps, but overall, we were pleasantly surprised at how nice it looked, especially after spending at least two days in a box," CNET said.

Setting up the tree is a bit of a tough process. Customers must use a saw to cut an inch off the tree so that it can absorb water.

"The cut that was made when your tree was chopped down will have closed up a bit before it gets to you. We used a hand saw, but a chainsaw (like they use at tree lots) would have been faster," CNET said.

The trees are available starting at $99 with free shipping to all customers.