Dyson has made a toy vacuum for children that actually works

Posted at 7:34 AM, Nov 26, 2018

Children are experts at creating a mess in the time it takes for you to grab something from the other room, and toys only seem to add to the clutter. So, come holiday season, how many parents have wanted to send out their kids’ wish lists with “NO TOYS PLEASE!!!” bolded and in all caps?

That’s why this gift from Dyson is one that keeps on giving.

The vacuum company now makes a miniature version of its ball vacuum for kids. It’s the perfect size and height for children to push around the house — and it actually vacuums! The price varies — starting at $19.40 on Amazon — based on the color you select: red, purple, pink or yellow. (Not every color is available for Amazon Prime, however, so some shipping charges may apply.)

Your little mess-makers will merrily “play” while picking up small pieces of paper and dirt with their Dyson’s suction switched on.

Don’t expect them to be able to clean the entire house because this isn’t as strong as a full-size Dyson. But how great is it that your kid can keep busy while also contributing to the tidying?

Plus, studies have shown that young children want to help around the house and the earlier you get your kids cleaning and doing chores, the more likely they are to continue household contributions without complaining as they get older.

Maybe a toy vacuum will set the stage for your kid vacuuming the whole house someday.

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