Going to a Red Rocks concert this summer? Beware of these 7 bizarre rules

Posted at 10:56 AM, May 07, 2017

DENVER – The summer concert season is pretty much already here, and if you’re planning to attend one of the dozens of concerts at Red Rocks, you better be aware of some of the things you cannot bring lest you get booted out.

Here are 7 things you wouldn’t think are banned at Red Rocks:

1.) Leave the sunscreen at home

You read that one right. Not only can you not bring aerosols (this is to prevent tagging and graffiti), but you’re not allowed to bring sunscreen – and we all know why that’s important at Red Rocks.

2.) Drop the GoPro and the selfie stick

This one shouldn’t really be a surprise. Concert organizers don’t want you secretly recording a show and uploading it to YouTube.

The selfie sticks? That’s so you don’t disrupt any person’s viewing experience. So don’t be shy and ask a stranger to take that group photo.

3. Whole fruits are prohibited

If you were hoping to bring a healthy snack, you better make sure it’s sliced. The reason? Fruits like apples can be hallowed out and be used as “smoking devices.”

The same goes for vegetables of any kind – organizers don’t want you throwing whole cucumbers at the musicians on stage.

4. Forget about bringing totem poles

Seriously, just don’t.

5. No hula hoops

Listen, we love a good acrobat who knows how to control the mystic art of the hula hoop as much as the next guy, but these things do take up a lot of space -- and if you've been to Red Rocks, you know how full it can get. Don't be that person! 

6. Umbrellas are not the way to go in case of rain

Even if the forecast is calling for rain during the concert, umbrellas are a no-no. Why? You’ll be blocking everyone’s view of the concert, of course! Also: They can apparently be used as giant bongs.

Bring a rain jacket or a poncho.

7. Get that glitter outta here

To protect the amphitheater and its surroundings, you are forbidden from brining glitter into Red Rocks. Gum is also not allowed – protect our parks, people!

What about allowed items?

There are, of course, things you can bring into Red Rocks including -- get this -- miniature horses. Yes, it's true. You are allowed to bring a miniature horse to Red Rocks. There's a catch, though: it has to be a service animal. 

You can find the rest of the allowed items by clicking here

Editor's note: All information from this article originally appeared on 303 Magazine.

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