Seven appetizing Colorado ice cream shops to cool you down this weekend

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Posted at 12:40 PM, Jun 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-16 14:40:38-04

We’re seeing record-breaking heat across most of the state this week, and there aren’t many better ways to cool off than by treating yourself to some ice cream. We’ve put together a list of some of the top shops in the metro area where you can get a cold and tasty treat.

Little Man Creamery
This Mile High City favorite is well known for 28-foot-tall milk tin, but they’re also known for being the go-to for a late-night treat and your pup’s favorite summer snack. Although the line outside their doors may intimidate you, flavors like Salted Oreo and Mango Chile are well worth the wait. If you can’t get enough of Little Man, check out their daughter companies spread throughout Denver, like Sweet Cooie’s, Old Town Churn and The Constellation.

Walia Creamery
Located in the Montclair neighborhood, this family-owned business is a hidden gem that can satisfy your Ethiopian food craving as well as refresh your taste buds on a sunny day. Their traditional dairy flavors are immaculate; however, their unique vegan menu will not disappoint either. Their vegan, gluten-free injera plates offer two different combos to save you from cooking dinner without missing out on a home-cooked meal.

High Point Creamery
This Denver creamery is a favorite among Denver foodies between their all-natural fresh ingredients and four convenient locations throughout the city. For less than $10, ice cream flights are available for indecisive customers who aren’t looking to stick to 1-2 flavors. When flavors like Coconut Crème Brûlée and Tin Cup Whiskey & Pistachio Brittle exist, can you blame someone for wanting to try five flavors at once?

Sweet Action
While you’re vintage shopping on Broadway, check out Sweet Action’s ever-changing menu of their organically sourced flavors, including the Frosted Animal Cracker and vegan Dark Chocolate Sorbet. If you happen to be across town, stop by their Washington Park location for a similar, yet slightly different, menu. Don’t feel like leaving your neighborhood? Sweet Action sells pints in local grocery stores like Whole Foods and Natural Grocers around Denver.

Ice Cream Riot
After an enjoyable visit to Cheesman Park, Ice Cream Riot should be the final stop before heading home for that post-park nap. Their slogan “roll joints not ice cream” alludes to their business’ persona that equally reflects their menu, which consists of Pop-Tart ice cream sandwiches and ice cream cannolis. The quirkiest thing about their menu may not be the cereal milk ice cream, since their signature topping option of cheddar Goldfish exists.

Gelato Boy
Whether you prefer your delicious dessert by the cup, cone, milkshake or pint, you can purchase one of Gelato Boy’s variety of flavors at one of the four locations found throughout Denver and Boulder. With flavors ranging from a Gooey Free Buttermilk and Caramel to the dairy free Raspberry Crumble, you’re bound to beat the heat at this Denver favorite.

Milkroll Creamery
Shake up your usual tradition and swap out scoops for rolls at Milkroll Creamery. This Thai-style frozen dessert was Denver’s first taste of rolled ice cream when their first brick-and-mortar location opened in 2017 on East Colfax. Between seemingly endless options for toppings and an entertaining process to watch, Milkroll Creamery easily wins the hearts of both Denverites and tourists.