SAT exam will be completely digital by 2024, College Board announces

Test also shortened from three hours to two
SAT Exam Makeover
Posted at 10:34 PM, Jan 25, 2022

DENVER — The SATs might bring up different emotions for high school students, but in a few years, the test will receive a major makeover.

The exam will be similar in substance to its predecessor, but in style, it will be completely digital. It will also be shortened to two hours instead of three.

The remodel was found to be less stressful and more straightforward by nearly all of the students and teachers in a pilot run by the College Board. Officials also say going virtual makes the test harder to plagiarize and cheat on.

"Students won't be taking the same test. So if you're on your laptop, and then someone sitting next to us on their laptop, they're actually gonna be taking a slightly different version of the exam," said Todd Rinehart, vice chancellor for enrollment at the University of Denver. "I think for the school teachers and the administrators, it's a lot better."

The change comes amid a conversation among colleges and universities regarding the weight of entrance exams, which tend to favor students who can afford preparation and training. Many schools like Harvard, the University of Denver, and the University of California system have opted to reduce the weight of the tests to varying degrees.

"You want students to have a fair and consistent way to be considered for college and have a fair shot and access to a college education," said Rinehart. "It's a number. It doesn't tell us your intelligence. It doesn't tell us how well you're necessarily going to do in college."