Colorado School Safety Committee wants your input, ideas to make schools safer

Posted at 4:30 AM, Aug 20, 2019

Colorado's School Safety Committee wants your input and ideas on how to make our schools safer.

"The question we have to answer is, 'How do we stop this from happening?'" said Committee Chairwoman Rep. Dafna Michaelson Jenet, (D) Adams County. "The committee is so important because the lives of our children and the mental health of our community are at stake here."

The committee was created by the state legislature.

The committee's agenda is to "study statutes governing school safety, emergency response planning, and prevention of threats, and review and evaluate programs and methods for identifying and monitoring students in crisis."

The group held its first public hearing in July. The second public hearing is Aug. 20. The last public hearing is Sept. 20.

The public is invited to the public hearings and invited to weigh in via the legislature's website.

"The public comment portal is a legal part of the hearing," Michaelson Jenet said. "Every submission is read by council and entered into the digest so we can hear from you."

"I work for you, not the the way around, so I need to hear from you what you want School Safety Interim Committee to do," Michaelson Jenet said. "Who do you think we need to talk to? Who do we need to hear from? What state did you move from that's doing something amazing? Help us make this the safest state in the country."

You can enter public comment here.