Parent like a pro with these 3 mobile apps

Posted at 3:08 PM, Jul 25, 2017

It's no secret that when the weather gets cold, people get cozy, so during the summer is when lots of babies are born. If you have a new kiddie in the family then Lindsey Granger has three apps you should download now that will have you parenting like a pro.

1.  WiFi Baby Monitor

This free app makes it easy to listen in on your baby even when you're not home. All you do is connect your smartphone or tablet to a modern baby monitor through your home Wi-Fi. When your bundle of joy cries, squeals or makes any other noise, it's instantly transmitted to your smartphone. There are also optional upgraded features for less than $2 a month.

2.  Blinkbuggy

This free app gives parents a way to capture moments and privately log their children's lives. You can add notes to describe the story behind each picture and instantly organize it on a sharable timeline. Plus, you can gift your memories in a hard cover book, gallery quality frame or personalized note card.

3.  Sound Sleeper

The free app offers a variety of high-quality white noise sounds like rain or even a vacuum cleaner sound that may help your baby get to sleep. It has a mode that will turn the ambient noise on automatically if your baby starts crying during the night. It can even analyze and track your children’s sleep pattern so you know when they wake up and cry most throughout the night.

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