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'I didn't learn anything': Colorado family worries about the quality of online education

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Posted at 6:12 AM, Jul 24, 2020

GOLDEN, Colo. — There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to learning and for some students, the stress is already building after Jeffco Public Schools announced they plan to start the school year online.

Jonathan Campos will be a senior at Lakewood High School in the fall and he's worried the new school year will bring the same frustrations it did last year.

"She (mom) prefers for me to stay home safe, doing my homework, but I don't want to because I didn't learn anything (last year)," Campos said.

Campos is the son of two Mexican immigrants who stress the importance of education.

"I would love to graduate and walk the stage and see my parents happy," Campos said.

He's worried he didn't learn enough with online classes.

The school district assigned Campos and his younger sister laptops. His mother, Gloria Campos, said her daughter's computer would randomly shut off.

Campos pulled out his laptop and pointed to his biggest frustration, the slow internet connection.

"It does take a while for us to upload assignments," Campos said.

He adds that he and his sister have to take turns doing homework or the wifi stops working.

Gloria Campos says money is tight and she can't afford to upgrade from their basic internet plan.

Campos admits, he doesn't want to go back to online learning. Spanish is Campos' first language and sometimes he needs clarification on lessons or assignments. He says while some teachers were responsive to homework questions, others didn't get back to him.

The online transition is also taking a toll on Campos' extended family members with younger children.

"My aunties, my uncles were new to everything, so it was difficult for them," Campos said. "They call
me and ask me questions."

Campos is worried about the coronavirus risk that comes with in-person learning but says getting a quality education makes it worth it.

"I want to be prepared for what the future has for me," Campos told Denver7.