Art Institute of Colorado's future uncertain

Posted at 6:46 PM, Jul 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-02 21:50:06-04

DENVER – The Art Institute of Colorado’s future is uncertain after it’s former parent company filed for bankruptcy, teachers being laid off and students being turned away.

One faculty member of the Art Institute of Colorado, who wishes to remain anonymous, gave Denver7 letters stating his position was eliminated and that the campus will close around December 31 of this year.

Denver7 asked the parent company, Dream Center Education Holdings, via email to comment on the letter however the spokesperson did not respond.

The news comes just days after Illinois Senator Dick Durbin called for an investigation into DCEH.

Durbin alleges the center misled students about the accreditation status of 4 Art Institutes throughout the country, including the one here in Denver.

“We were told that it was just a misunderstanding and mistake,” the faculty member said who wishes to remain anonymous. “They said they were going to fix it. So we weren’t telling students we were no longer accredited.”

The faculty member also sen Denver7 a letter stating DCEH was getting rid of his position.

“I heard 160 people are going to lose their jobs in Denver Colorado alone,” the faculty member said.

He also sent Denver7 another letter he received stating the campus is expected to close around December 31st of this year, which means an estimated 500 students will have to find a different art school.

“There’s 30 campuses total, they’re shutting down 20,” the faculty member said.

The company that used to own the institute, Education Management Corporation, filed for bankruptcy on June 29th.

The company that owns the institute now bought the institutions from EDMC including the one in Colorado.

Denver7 was in contact with a spokesperson for DCEH and sent a photo of the letter about the campus closing, but did not receive a response.