Patriotically named peaks, places and towns in Colorado

Posted at 12:29 PM, Jul 01, 2016
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In Colorado, we take pride in being the Centennial State. Colorado was the only state admitted to the United States in its Centennial year --1876.

But did you know Colorado has several cities and even peaks with patriotic names?

Let's start with Independence:

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Independence Pass is a 12,095-foot pass. The two-lane highway stretches between Aspen and Twin Lakes/Leadville. The high mountain road is only open a few months a year -- typically Memorial Day weekend until on or near Nov. 7.

The scenery here is incredible, especially when the leaves turn in the fall.

On Independence Pass, is the town of Independence (now a ghost town).

Why the name Independence? Legend says it was because gold was discovered here on the Fourth of July in 1879.

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There are also peaks named Independence Mountain in Pitkin County and Jackson County.

Speaking of peaks with patriotic names, we have many.

Take a look at Lone Eagle Peak near Grand Lake.

Two of Colorado's 14ers have patriotic names.

Mount Democrat, near Alma, stands 14,154 feet tall.

Capitol Peak, near Aspen, stands 14,131 feet.

Capitol is known for its "knife's edge" trail to the top.

(Photo from Richard Cote)

Yes, Colorado has a Republican Mountain, too. It's near Silver Plume.

It's 12,386 feet high and ranks as the 981st highest mountain in Colorado, according to

Colorado's 848th highest peak, American Flag Mountain, gets its name from all of the United States flags planted on the summit, according to the website SummitPost

It has an elevation of 12,713 ft.

-- Towns -- 

We have several towns with patriotic names, like Eagle (near Vail) and Liberty (in the far southeast corner of Colorado).

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Happy 4th of July!

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