Chef Daniel Marshall of Specialty Appliance

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Posted at 11:36 AM, Jun 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-28 11:16:27-04

Chef Daniel Marshall has been with Specialty Appliance for a little over 6 months. When he’s not working at SA filling up the place with scents and flavors, he plays the part of family man at home with his 4 kids.

Dan has been a chef for 19 years, acquiring his degree from Denver’s Johnson & Wales’ first graduating class. He worked with Kimball Distributing the former distributer of brands such as Viking, gaining experience about the appliance industry for 10 years before coming to Specialty.

He also gained a passion for what they manifest; a sense of home and togetherness — bringing people together through shared experience of cooking and eating.

Dan’s favorite food to make is creole/Cajun because of the spicy and bold flavors and the freedom of versatility.

His favorite appliance to use is a big, tough, gas range.

More Info

-- Working as a chef 19 years
-- Johnson and wales – Colorado first class in Denver
-- Born in California has lived in Denver since 6 graduated Evergreen 94.
-- 4 kids, oldest daughter 3 boys
-- Specialty – 6 months
-- Favorite dish to make - Lived in Louisiana - Spicy food with bold flavors hearty creole Cajun
-- Viking appliance experience - 10 years Kimball
-- Fav appliance – gas range big
-- Loves being a part of the high end appliance scene, loves the innovation and way it brings people together.