5 snack foods that changed America for good

Posted at 2:18 PM, May 23, 2017

Recently, Thrillistcame out with a list of the greatest regional snack foods that help define America. Here are three of our company's favorites:

1. Fried Cheese Curds - Wisconsin

Did you know that the freshest curds squeak when you bite into them? You do now. And if you think you looove fried curds more than anyone, you probably don't love them more than Wisconsin Cheeseheads who eat almost 7,000 pounds of fried curds ONE festival. That's a lot of Wisconsin cheddar.

2. It's-It Ice Cream - California

This San Francisco ice cream treat has been around since 1928, when George Whitney combined the deliciousness of vanilla ice cream, the tasty comfort of oatmeal cookies, and the perfection of luscious dark chocolate.

3. Hush Puppies - The Carolinas

These treats could hush more than just puppies at dinner with their delicious fried mix of cornmeal batter and fixin's. And legend has it, the shoe brand Hush Puppies got its name from the creator's love of the snacks.

4. Garrett Popcorn - Chicago

While Chicago might be mostly known for hot dogs and pizza, they've got another star treat and it's Garrett Popcorn. It's so good that it even became one of Oprah's favorite foods. Oprah! If you get her as a fan of yours, you must be doing something right.

5. Juanita's Tortilla Chips - Oregon

These 40 year old chips have gained a huge following on the West Coast. They're so good that some people won't even waste the pieces at the bottom of the chip bag! They'd rather put them in omelettes than just throw them away. If you can't even part with the crumbs, those have got to be some tasty chips.

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