3 new ways to watch TV without paying for cable

Posted at 11:20 AM, May 17, 2017

Trying to figure out what to watch on TV isn't limited to your cable service anymore and according to Consumer Reports’ senior electronics editor Jim Wilcox people are looking to expand. Jared Cotter is talking with him to get three new ways to watch your favorite movies and shows without paying the high cable bills.

1.  Use an Antenna

You can get a decent one for about $30, but beware. Grounded Reason blogger Dennis Restauro says HD antennas are not all created equal so do your homework.

2.  Streaming Packages

There are some great streaming packages of live TV channels except it's delivered over the internet. That means the signal is just sent over the internet to your device and then you just watch it on your television.

3.  Streaming Devices

The device that you get hooks up to your television whether it be a Roku and Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and then you connect it to your network. You stream the shows over the internet from those subscription services.

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