17 scary Colorado haunted houses and attractions to get spooked at before Halloween

17 scary Colorado haunted houses and attractions to get spooked at before Halloween
Posted at 3:56 PM, Oct 20, 2018
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DENVER -- Some get a thrill from skydiving, others prefer the heart-stopping excitement of bungee jumping, but a select few genuinely seek out that indescribable adrenaline rush that comes from getting chased by a guy with a chainsaw through a dark alley.

If you’re one of those people, you don’t have to settle for Denver's haunted houses, as we’ve found more than a dozen haunted houses and attractions open for the season throughout Colorado. Check them out below.

1. Fright by Night at Elitch Gardens' Fright Fest
2000 Elitch Cir. in Denver

When the sun goes down, Fright by Night comes alive. Starting at 6 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, guests can feel the hair raise on their arms as monsters, stalkers and mayhem is let loose in the park. Fright by Night is recommended for visitors who are at least 12-years-old.

The festival is free with park admission. Some haunted attractions cost an additional fee. For more information and tickets and hours, click here.

2. The 13th Floor Haunted House
400 East 52nd Ave. in Denver

Dare to walk through Dr. Hadelstein's Bio Engineer Facility, an abandoned facility which has been churning out all sorts of abominations even after the facility was closed down; visit the eerie town of Coalfell where the Femorals, a family of self-proclaimed "Necrofarmers" have come out of hiding once again to snatch as many victims as possible to confiscate their organs; and run for your life as spirits threaten to take over your soul inside an orphanage where nothing good dwells.

New this year? A bar, Mini Escape Games and Zombie Carnival games! A night of excitement and thrills await. The spine-tingling scares start the moment you step out of your car.

Ticket prices vary by day and time of day. Visit the 13th Floor Haunted House website for hours and ticket info. 

3. The Asylum
6100 East 39th Ave. in Denver

A few miles east of downtown lies the secret resting ground for lost souls. Enter The Asylum to discover a body of a victim lost to a ghastly disease. What begins as a tour quickly turns into a trap and a race against the clock for survival. Then, battle through bloodthirsty zombies in hopes of finding sanctuary from demonic creatures. Before leaving, take a visit to Ridgegate Hospital, where the dangerous and deranged patients are the least of your worries and fears. The Asylum is a horrifying head trip for all who dare to enter.

Ticket prices vary by day and time of day. Visit the Asylum Haunted House website for hours and ticket info. 

4. City of the Dead 
7007 East 88th Ave. in Henderson, Colo. 

The City of the Dead claims to be the longest and largest indoor haunted house in the Denver metro area at just over 30,000 square feet in size, according to Inside you’ll find vampires, demons, zombies and undead creatures. Oh, and did we forget to mention they serve beer before and afterward the scares?

Ticket prices vary by day and time of day. Visit the City of Dead website for hours and ticket info.

5. Haunted Field of Screams
10451 McKay Rd. in Thornton, Colo. 

Explore four terrifying attractions including The Condemned, the Zombie Paintball Massacre, the CarnEvil in the Corn, and the Dead Man's Maze. The last is an interactive tour of terror that leads from one nightmare to the next, with the moonlight as your only guide. Dare to walk through 16-foot-tall cornstalks as you trek your way fearing the living dead with every wrong turn. But, be warned, the sinister will not rest until you find your way out.

General admission is $40 for all four haunts. Visit the Haunted Field of Screams website for a full list of the schedule and information about black-out events. 

6. Dead Zone Scream Park
8500 West Deer Creek Canyon Rd. in Littleton, Colo. 

An in-between realm between the living and the dead is what awaits you in “The Dead Zone.” Prepare to get scared through three different and unique zones across hundreds of acres of farm property in Littleton, including the Corn Stalkers, the Cursed Hayride and the After Dark Corn Maze.

General admission is $28. Visit the Dead Zone Scream Park website for more info. on park hours. 

7. The Forest of Doom
21030 N. Turkey Creek Rd. in Morrison, Colo. 

If you like hiking, you’re going to love the Forest of Doom. The haunted trail leads you on a path through a scary forest where monsters, demons, evil spirits and other devilish creatures walk alongside you in complete darkness out in the open. There is a kids trail at the Forest of Doom for children ages 5-9.

General admission is $10 for kids and $20 for adults. Visit the Forest of Doom's website for hours and ticket info. 

8. Reaper’s Hollow
Flat Acre Farms, 11321 Dransfeldt Rd. in Parker, Colo.

The Reaper’s Hollow will have you screaming before you even get through the front gates. Walk through a dilapidated shack of cornfield, and feel the corn closing in on you for a half-mile trike through haunted cornfields and terrifying woods before entering the Dead End Motel. Those who dare to hike back to the old woods behind the motel may never come back, as there have been many gruesome tales about Goblins Grove. Everyone who enters either comes out possessed or has never returned. 

General admission is $30. Visit the Reaper's Hollow website for a full list of the schedule and for more information about ticket prices.

9. HellScream Haunted House
3021 North Hancock Ave. in Colorado Springs, Colo. 

HellScream Haunted House isn’t only one of the scariest haunted houses in Colorado and the Midwest, but also one of the top haunted houses in the country, according to At HellScream, not only will be venture through a haunted house, you'll also need to use your wits and skills to escape from two terrifying rooms within 60 minutes each.

Other attractions include laser tag and murder mystery games.

General admission is $22. Visit the HellScream Haunted House website for hours and group ticket info.  

10. Hellevator & Hospital of Horror
4758 N Chestnut St. in Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Hellevator VR and Hospital of Horror's claim to be Colorado's first free-roaming, multiplayer Virtual Reality Halloween experience. Up to four players share the same VR experience together as you enter the arena and the real-world fades away. Suddenly you and your friends must face your fears to survive. 

General admission is $120. Visit the Play Deadline website to book your spot in advance, as tickets cannot be purchased at the door. 

11. Haunted Mines
3910 Palmer Park Blvd. in Colorado Springs, Colo. 

The tale goes that in 1856, more than a decade before the founding of Colorado Springs, a small mining colony named “Cold Falls” existed in this area. The colony consisted of a series of copper mines, a caretakers residence, and a town including a hotel, saloon, schoolhouse, medical facility, and even a jail. Evidence shows that although the copper mine was productive, all mining abruptly stopped in 1859 and the town was immediately abandoned; most of it even physically buried by workers. The reason(s) for this fast evacuation are still a mystery and the truth may never be fully understood. Will you venture to the mines and discover the secrets hidden within? 

General admission is $22. Visit the Haunted Mines website for the full schedule and Haunted Mine hours. 

12. Sinister Haunted House
3910 Palmer Park Blvd. in Colorado Springs, Colo. 

The Sinister Haunted House boasts the “Inneas House” and the “Sanitarium,” two terrifying attractions that will leave you in suspense second after second.

Visit the Sinister Haunted House website for hours and ticket info. 

13. Scream Acres at Fritzler Farm Park 
20861 CR 33 in La Salle, Colo.

Hidden among the intricately-designed pathways of the Fritzler Corn Maze, Scream Acres is one of Colorado’s best haunts. Filled with special effects, mechanical engineering, and eerie sound technology, you'll find yourself scared by the haunts and screams that you'll hear as you desperately try to make your way out of the giant corn maze. 

Other attractions include the Fritzler Ghost Haunt and the Zombie Paintball Slayer. 

Admission is $25.95. Visit the Fritzler Farm Park website for more information about hours and other ticket options. 

14. Fear of the Dark Haunted House
217 West Horsetooth Rd. in Fort Collins, Colo. 

This two-story, 3,000-square-foot haunted house promises to scare you even before you get in the door. "We would love to tell you all that haunts at this center, but that wouldn't be fair," said one of the event organizers. "Your task: Survive." 

General admission is $20. Reservations are available by calling (970) 226-6327. The haunted house is open Friday, Saturdays and Sundays until Oct. 28.

15. Jack-o'-Lanter's Corn Maze of Carnage
2318 S. County Road 5 in Fort Collins, Colo. 

When the sun goes down all the creatures start to come out! Jack Lantern's Corn Maze transforms into a haunted place full of monsters and creatures searching for their victims. As you wander aimlessly throughout the maze, the moonlight is your only source of light to guide you down paths of darkness! 

Get two attractions for the price of one with the haunted hayride leaving the station into the field of terror every 10 minutes to drop you off at the entrance of the the Haunted Corn Maze of Carnage.

General admission is $24. The corn maze is open Thursday through Sunday. Visit the Jack-o'-Lantern's Corn Maze of Carnage website for the full schedule. 

16. Hell's Trail
40320 Olson Rd. in Avondale, Colo.

The evil is real at Hell's Trail in Pueblo County. Operating for 13 years, it has been the county's must-do haunted attraction in southern Colorado. Are you brave enough to walk through their nightly trail as you prepare for your nightmares to come to life?

General admission is $15. Visit the Hell's Trail website for information about hours and VIP tickets. 

17. Aftermath Haunted House
575 Ash St. in Canon City, Colo. 

Prepare to be brought to tears, scream and tremble in fear at Canon City's Aftermath Haunted House. You're guaranteed a night filled of chills, thrills, scares and terrors! This haunted house has limited opening hours


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