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Kraft Is Selling A 1-pound Shaker Of Its Mac And Cheese Powder

Posted at 5:00 AM, May 08, 2020

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Kraft’s “blue box” macaroni and cheese is a classic. For about a buck, you can feed your kids with a minimum of kitchen distress — and it’s pretty tasty, too. (I’ve been known to stand over the pot doing “quality control” for a little too long before serving lunch.)

Recently, Kraft did something awesome: They liberated the powdered cheese sauce mix from the box to sell in its own container. The hefty 20.7-ounce jug has a shaker top for sprinkling, or you can go to town with a spoon and use your imagination.

BJ’s Wholesale Club

What would you do with a vast amount of cheese sauce mix and no box to tell you what to do?

I’d probably make a double-batch of classic mac but use a new noodle. I can only imagine my son’s delight if I presented him a bowl of his fave mac and cheese but with wheel-shaped pasta instead of the usual tubes.

For more adventurous eaters, the Chicago Tribune devised a shortlist of unique ways to use mac-and-cheese powder. It starts with salting the rim of a Bloody Mary with the stuff or dusting it on popcorn, and takes off from there.


One of the more intriguing ideas is to make your own Doritos-style chips at home. It’s quite easy: You just coat a bunch of tortilla chips in cooking spray or oil, sprinkle them with a mixture of mac-and-cheese powder and spices, then bake. Imagine the possibilities!

There’s one drawback to all of this, though: The container of Kraft cheese powder is a bit hard to come by. I found it online at wholesaler BJ’s, where it costs $6.99, but have had trouble locating it elsewhere. There’s an Amazon listing for the product, but it costs much more there and it’s back-ordered for now.

Fortunately, there are other brands that make their own version, including lookalike products from and the Great American Spice Company. They may not have the swagger of the blue box, but they’ll get the job done.

Happy sprinkling, cheeseheads!

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