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Kellogg’s Is Launching New Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies Cereal

Kellogg’s Is Launching New Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies Cereal
Posted at 9:15 AM, Feb 11, 2021

If you like your breakfast on the sweet side, get ready for a treat. Kellogg’s is launching their second Little Debbie cereal and it’s sure to make your mornings extra special.

New Kellogg’s Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies Cereal features crispy, indulgent brownie squares with cosmic rainbow pieces. A Kellogg’s representative tells Simplemost each bite delivers the fudgy chocolate flavor of the iconic Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies. They will hit store shelves nationwide in May for around $3.99 for an 8.2 oz box or $5.69 for a 13.2 oz box.


As mentioned, Cosmic Brownies are not the first Little Debbie treat to be turned into a cereal. Late last year, Kellogg’s introduced Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pie cereal to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the original Little Debbie snack cake. The cereal features oatmeal cookie pieces made with cinnamon, nutmeg and a hint of molasses — just like the original Oatmeal Creme Pies.

While these are the only two Little Debbie treats to become cereals for now, they are not the only snack cake to be turned into a breakfast food. Post and Hostess teamed up in 2018 for Honey Bun cereal and Donettes cereal, then added Twinkies cereal to their lineup in 2019.

Hostess also transformed their Twinkies and SnoBalls into another sweet treat in 2017 when they launched limited-edition Twinkies and SnoBalls ice cream.

You can also now buy Dunkaroos cereal from General Mills or Funfetti cerealfor when you want some birthday cake for breakfast!

If you’re a fan of sweet cereals, but want to make your own, a new trend emerged during the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic that might be right up your alley instead: mini pancake cereal or cookie cereal, which involves baking mini chocolate chip cookies and putting them in a bowl with milk.


Are you a fan of sweet flavors for breakfast?

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