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‘Half’ Christmas Trees Are Perfect For People Who Hate Decorating The Wall Side

‘Half’ Christmas Trees Are Perfect For People Who Hate Decorating The Wall Side
Posted at 4:11 AM, Oct 11, 2020

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Do you struggle every year trying to figure out how or if you should decorate the backside of your family’s Christmas tree?

Every year, I tell my husband I wish we would just leave the branches off of half the tree so we could easily put it in the corner. As it is, we don’t put a lot of ornaments on that side because no one can really see them. My poor husband, wonderful man that he is, usually gives me a funny look because I’m sure he wonders, “That’s crazy! Who really does something like that?”

Well, it turns out I’m not alone in my thinking. You can now find “half” artificial Christmas trees for sale! Maybe I’m not so crazy after all.

OK, at first glance, The Against The Wall Christmas Tree from Hammacher Schlemmer may look like something Lucy would yell at Charlie Brown for picking out at the tree lot. But, like good ‘Ol Charlie, you have to look deeper to see this tree’s full potential.

Put it up against a wall, give it full trimming for the holidays and it transforms into something pretty spectacular! Flat-backed trees like these work well for smaller living areas.

Hammacher Schlemmer

This tree stands 6.5 feet high and has 822 branch tips. It comes pre-lit with 350 bulbs. You can get the tree with either white or multi-colored lights from theHammacher Schlemmer website for $249.95.

If you’re looking for something a little less expensive, you could instead purchase some other options we’ve found.

First, check out the Vickerman Unlit Westbrook Pine Half Tree. It comes in a 6.5-foot height with 957 tips and costs $123.89 at There is a pre-lit version available on Amazon in different sizes, but it costs $275.34 for the 6.5-foot and goes up to $457.07 for a 9-foot version.



Then there’s The Home Heritage Flat Back Christmas Tree for Wall with white LED lights. You can get a 5-foot version at Home Depot for $69.62, You can also get this pre-lit artificial half-pine tree from Amazon’s third-party sellers. The 5-foot tree costs $99.98 and up and a 7-foot version costs $149.99 there.



Treetopia also sells a 7-foot tall My Better Half Christmas Tree either with white or multi-colored lights. It’s on sale for $229.99 right now.

A half tree doesn’t have to mean half the holiday spirit! Now, you can have your whole tree visible and save space, too!

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