'The Bachelor' tells 2 women 'I love you'

Posted at 11:58 AM, Mar 01, 2016

Hi y’all! Thanks for checking out this week’s Rose Report--a blog where I break down the crazy things a group of women do in hopes of winning the heart of Denver’s Ben Higgins. A little about myself: I’m a 28-year-old producer, an avid Bachelor/Bachelorette fan (Chris Harrison is my spirit animal) and admittedly, I don’t like red roses.

I love you. The three words every contestant on ‘The Bachelor’ wants to hear, but never thinks she will – at least not until finale night. Well, on Monday’s episode, not one but TWO women heard those three special words. Uh oh Ben, you’re really in trouble now.

If you haven’t seen Monday’s episode, stop reading now because there are spoilers ahead. 


The episode starts off with Ben in Jamaica talking about how grateful he is. Blah blah boring boring boring. I’m sorry but this season has been SOOOO BORING. Again, I know Ben is super nice (maybe too nice?) and humble and that’s probably why it’s boring, but it’s not the kind of guilty pleasure TV I’m used to getting from the show. I don’t think the producers will ever pick a “nice guy” again. Which is sad, but probably true.

Anyway the first one-on-one is with Caila. Ben expresses concerns over Caila saying she is always so smiley so he doesn’t know if he can get below the surface. Basically what you’re saying Ben is that she’s too happy. JUST SAY IT. Who wants a happy spouse? Certainly not me.

Ben and Caila take a rafting trip down a river to kick off their date, and it’s TOTALLY awkward. So awkward I almost had to fast-forward. Caila wasn’t saying a word, Ben was sitting there quietly, and down the river they went. Caila is talking to the cameras about how anxious she’s feeling and how she didn’t expect that to happen during their date.

Ben says he can tell something is on Caila’s mind, but just isn’t sure what it is. HELLOOOOO could it be that there are two other girls and she’s scared because she’s falling in love with you? No. Doubt that’s it. Caila decides not to talk about what’s going on in her head, because she’s scared it will ruin the date. So instead she just doesn’t talk much at all.

We get to the evening portion of the date and Ben finally gets up the courage to ask Caila what’s wrong. Caila tells Ben the truth, and tells him she appreciates him calling her out. The two chat and Caila finally comes out with how she’s feeling, telling Ben she loves him. Uh oh. This doesn’t seem good. Ben almost looks upset when Caila tells him that, almost as if he knows he doesn’t feel the same and is sending her packing.

The fantasy suite card comes and Caila says she thinks they should take advantage of it. Ben agrees and the two kiss in the water with fireworks behind them. Caila is simply smitten, but I’m afraid she’s about to get her heart broken. Sidenote – did anyone notice the fantasy suite keys are actual keys? What kind of hotel uses REAL keys nowadays. Sketch.

The next morning the two wake up together and say good morning. Ben tells Caila she looks beautiful as always, and that seems like a comment that’s forced. I’m sure he means it, because she’s absolutely gorgeous, but it seems like something he’s saying just to try to fill a void, if that makes sense. Caila tells the camera she can see herself waking up with Ben like this for the rest of her life. Oh no. This isn’t going to be good.

It’s time for Lauren’s date with Ben. Lauren is SO excited. She says she’s ready to tell Ben she loves him and get it off her chest. Ben tells the camera that the moment he sees Lauren, this day will be about her.

Lauren and Ben’s date seems to be going a lot smoother than with Caila, and the two get to release baby turtles into the wild. It’s pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and almost gave me the chills because I felt like I was there. It was SO sweet and in a weird way, totally romantic. Lauren tells the camera, “I’ve never been more in love with Ben than in this moment.”

Ben tells Lauren how the hometown visits went, and how he told Lauren’s sister how he was feeling. He tells Lauren he cried when he was talking to her sister. Basically at this point I’m watching Ben and Lauren and their connection is just clearly stronger than Caila and Ben’s. You can tell Ben likes Caila, but LOVES Lauren. At least, that’s what I think at this point in the episode.

Ben and Lauren’s evening portion of the date seems totally natural. Nothing seems forced and they both seem to enjoy their time together. The fantasy suite card comes and they both decide to go in. Sidenote – Lauren’s abs are AMAZING.

Okay so Lauren tells the camera that she needs to let her walls down and open up to Ben. She decides to finally tell him the truth: that Ben is the man of her dreams and he makes her feel a way that she didn’t even know she could feel. That’s when Ben TELLS HER HE LOVES HER TOO.

Anyone who watches ‘The Bachelor’ like I do knows the guy only says it back when he really means it and that usually means that’s the person that’s going to be the last one standing at the end of the season. So, at this point, I’m feeling like Lauren is going to get the proposal. But we’ll see.

It’s time for Ben’s one-on-one with JoJo, who I absolutely love. She is such a fireball! Plus they look SOOO cute together. Okay focus, Kelly. Ben and JoJo take off in a helicopter and he takes her to a beautiful waterfall. Talk about romantic!

JoJo opens up and tells Ben she loves him and he tells her he loves her too. You read that right. HE TOLD HER HE LOVES HER TOO! OMG. WHAT ARE YOU DOING BEN? JoJo responds with a shocked look on her face, and even asks Ben, “are you allowed to say that?”

We come back from the break to Ben saying in the back of his mind he keeps flashing back to when he told Lauren he loved her too. UHH yeah no shit you’re going to flash back to that, you’ve told two amazing women you’re in love with them, and I bet they both think they’re the only one you said that to! AHHH!

JoJo tells Ben he has made her feel very safe and that now the date will be easier and more exciting for her. Careful JoJo, don’t get ahead of yourself.

The topic of JoJo’s brothers finally comes up, and JoJo explains how they were just defending her and looking out for their little sister. JoJo says she wish she could’ve stood up to them for Ben, but in the end she believes they had good intentions.

After the break we see Ben and JoJo waking up together, and they are SO cute together. Ben tells JoJo ,“we’re on the same page,” which to me is a bit misleading. JoJo has to be thinking she’s the one, she’s going to be Ben’s wife. I think she even says that at one point to the camera! I can understand feeling like you’re in love with two people, but considering how the show usually works, I just don’t think it’s fair for Ben to tell two women he loves them. Knowing what they’ll think that means. And maybe I’m being inconsiderate because this is Ben’s life and it shouldn’t matter what usually happens on the show, and that’s a fair point, but I feel like we’re so far into the season and Ben just needs to be a man and figure out who he “truly” loves.

The next thing we know, we’re flashing to Caila saying she wants to go surprise Ben at his hotel. Oh no. I don’t want Caila to go home! She’s so sweet! So Caila is excited and says she wants her and Ben’s relationship to be, “full of surprises.”

After we get back from the break, we’re getting ready for Caila to go surprise Ben. Caila tells the camera, “we’re just two people who love each other and want to be together.” Oh man, producers. This isn’t going to end well. I know what you’re doing.

So, that happens. Caila attempts to surprise Ben as he’s in deep thought and we can already tell Ben is feeling incredibly awkward. He tells the camera that he knows it’s going to be hard, but that it’s time to be honest with her.
Caila can tell that something is wrong, and asks Ben if he’s okay. He answers with, “yes and no,” which to me is kind of an inconsiderate thing to say. But maybe I’m reading too much into it. At this point, watching the show, I’m feeling totally overwhelmed and sad for Caila because I know he’s about to break her heart.

Ben explains to Caila that he just couldn’t tell her he loves her. They talk for a bit and Ben asks if he can walk Caila to the car. She hesitates but then agrees. After she gets in the car, she gets back out and asks Ben what happened – if he knew earlier in the week. Damn that girl has GUTS. I was super proud of her for doing that!

After she leaves Ben looks off into the distance and tells the camera he wonders if he made a mistake. He looks really worked up and confused. I feel bad for him at this point. But again, time to man up.

Poor Caila, I feel really sad for her but I bet she’ll be the next Bachelorette. She is so sweet and just seems like an all-around good person. Good things will come to her. But damn I know how bad she feels. Poor thing. I’ll miss her bubbly personality!

After the break JoJo gets out of the car for the rose ceremony and meets Chris Harrison at the door. JoJo tells Chris that she told Ben she loved him, and that he said it back. After JoJo is in place, Lauren arrives. She also tells Chris that she told Ben she loved him, and that he also said it back. Chris is totally surprised but tries to pretend he isn’t.

JoJo and Lauren are talking, and the conversation is a little awkward even though I think the two are friends. Maybe that’s what is making it awkward. Oh, who am I kidding? The whole situation is awkward. The girls start to wonder where Caila is, and when Ben walks out, they start to realize Caila must have gone home.

Ben confirms that he sent Caila home.  He tells them that they had a really good thing, but his feelings just couldn’t catch up. He tells both women that he is confident “in this” and that this week allowed him to have fun. Ben tells the women that he could not feel luckier.

Ben calls JoJo first, which is actually a surprise to me, but kind of refreshing. He then calls Lauren, and it’s clear he’s keeping both women. I think at this point JoJo is starting to realize that Ben may have told Lauren the same things he told her. I’m just not sure how this is going to work out for Ben, but either way, someone is going home with their heart broken.

Until next week, I’ll leave you with this.

In Chris Harrison we trust,