'Friends' is leaving Netflix — that means it's losing its two most streamed shows in 2020

'The Office' is also leaving in 2020
Posted at 11:26 AM, Jul 09, 2019

Turns out they will not always be there for you.

"Friends" is leaving Netflix by spring 2020 as WarnerMedia launches its new streaming service called HBO Max, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

Netflix has offered "Friends" on its streaming service since 2015. According to Nielsen , "Friends" was the second most streamed show on Netflix last year, right after the American version of "The Office." This means Netflix is going to be losing its two top streamed shows in 2020, based on Nielsen ratings from last year.

According to the WSJ, HBO Max paid $425 million to be the exclusive carrier of "Friends" for five years starting in 2020. The show is owned by Warner Bros.

HBO Max will also be home to more than a dozen original shows and movies and, eventually, CW shows as well.

Warner Bros. produces numerous shows for the CW Network that are currently offered on Netflix, including "Riverdale" and "Arrow." According to the WSJ, these shows will remain on Netflix for several more years before they are migrated to HBO Max.