Amy Schumer fights Glamour's 'plus size' label

Amy Schumer fights Glamour's 'plus size' label
Posted at 11:12 AM, Apr 06, 2016

Amy Schumer is questioning a Glamour magazine cover.

The comedian took issue with the inclusion of her name on the cover of the magazine's "Chic at Any Size" special issue.

Schumer was listed alongside Melissa McCarthy, Adele and cover model Ashley Graham under the heading, "Women Who Inspire Us."

Schumer shared her feelings on Instagram Tuesday.

Shortly thereafter, Glamour editor-in-chief Cindi Leive took to Twitter to defend the magazine's cover and apologize to Schumer. She also noted that the edition never referred to Schumer as "plus size."

"Her 2015 cover story was included in the edition, aimed at sizes 12 and up, with the coverline 'Women who Inspire Us' bc her longtime message of body positivity—& talking back to body haters—IS inspiring. (To me, too!)," she wrote. "To be clear, size 6-8 is not plus. (Even size 12—frequent size of 'plus' models—is smaller than average American woman!) But women of all sizes can be inspired by one another’s words. So sorry if implication was otherwise, Amy."

Ultimately, Schumer, 34, thanked her fans on social media for their support and clarified that she doesn't believe women should be labeled at all.