5 Speedy Tips for Riding More Roller Coasters

Posted at 11:08 AM, Aug 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-24 13:59:52-04

Once you pay to get into an amusement park there's only one way to get a return on that investment. It's not the corn dogs, it's not the stuffed animal you win at the balloon popping game, and it’s definitely not the amount of costumed characters you meet. The only thing that matters is how many coasters you ride! Jimmy Rhoades and roller coaster enthusiast, Bruce Freedle have a list of ways to get the most bang for your g-force-craving buck, so you can stay out of long lines, and have the greatest time.

1.  Timing Is Everything

Get to the theme park early or stay late in the day. Skip the middle of the day when the crowds are the highest. Use that down time for shows, a nap, or pool time for the kids.

2.  Premium Ticketing

It's not cheap:, but parks like Six Flags' "GoFast Pass" goes for $48, Cedar Point's "Fast Lane" runs $60, and Universal Studios’ "Universal Express Pass" starts at $65, but these premium tickets let you cut the line at most rides in the park.

3.  Theme Park Apps

Most theme parks have their own apps that give you the time of day that the park is open, how busy they are, and how long the wait times are in each ride. Go to the shortest line, and if you keep doing that throughout the day, you get on more coasters.

4.  Navigate The Map

All theme parks give you a map at the entrance. Take some time to study this map and make an action-plan. Hit up the roller coasters in an order that makes the most sense. Do more riding and less walking!

5.  Join a Club

Finally, clubs such as the American Coaster Enthusiasts have annual memberships starting at $65. Clubs can arrange exclusive ride times when only members can ride a coaster, and sometimes even exclusive park time before or after normal hours.

So if you want to get on more rides the next time you go to a theme park, follow these insider tips.

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