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Eminem’s Teenage Child Stevie Came Out Nonbinary

Eminem’s Teenage Child Stevie Came Out Nonbinary
Posted at 8:35 AM, Aug 17, 2021

Marshall Mathers, the 48-year-old artist known professionally as Eminem, has three children. His eldest daughter Alaina, born in 1993, is the biological daughter of his ex-wife Kim Scott’s twin sister; Mathers and Scott adopted her in the mid-2000s. His middle child is his biological daughter, Hallie, born in 1995 to Mathers and Scott, whom he was married to from 1999 to 2001. Mathers also adopted Scott’s second child, who was born in 2002, when the couple reconciled during the mid-2000s.

The youngest child’s legal name is Whitney Scott Mathers. However, the 19-year-old recently took to social media to announce that they are gender fluid and wish to be known as Stevie Laine. On August 6, Stevie posted the following video on TikTok captioned “Forever Growing and Changing” with the hashtags #genderfluid and #bi. The video begins with a message, stating, “watch me become more comfortable with myself,” and shows a series of photos, presumably from the recent past through the present day.



forever growing and changing <3 #greenscreen #genderfluid #bi #life

♬ original sound – THXOC

As the photos progress, the text changes from “Whitney, she/her” to “Whitney, they/she,” to “Stevie, they/she,” to “Stevie, all pronouns.” The TikTok profile bio simply states, “Stevie, 19, any pronouns,” indicating that they are non-binary.

More than 1,800 people have commented on the video, with many showing support and some expressing their own struggles with identity.

“I don’t know what I am,” commented a fan with the screen name @back to the og username. “I was born a girl, but I’ve always felt like a boy, and I know I’m not 100% straight. Sorry, I didn’t mean to vent like that.”

“UR always allowed to vent,” Stevie replied over the course of several posts, “that’s a bit how I always felt. I would look in the mirror and wish things were different. But I hope you find yourself. It’s a journey, but it’s worth it!”

When asked what helped them figure it out, Stevie responded.

“I think seeing others accept themselves and then trying out different pronouns for myself or dressing to make myself feel how I felt and to be happy,” she said. “Also, talking about it. If you have someone you are close to and trust talk about it, and maybe have them try other pronouns on you if that’s what you want.”

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