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Dunkin’ Is Now Selling To-go Bags Full Of Bacon

Dunkin’ Is Now Selling To-go Bags Full Of Bacon
Posted at 1:00 PM, Feb 27, 2020

Dunkin’, purveyors of all things breakfast, are really on to something with their latest offering: Snackin’ Bacon, a handheld baggie of the good stuff that’s ready to scarf, french-fry style.

Imagine: You pull into a Dunkin’ drive-thru, tell the nice person at the speaker you require bacon, and a tasty sleeve of the decadent meat-treat is presented at the window.

‘Tis an age of miracles.

Snackin’ Bacon is a little extra-special, even. As meat-eaters know, bacon is plenty good on its own. Dunkin’s Snackin’ Bacon deepens the flavor with a “sweet black pepper seasoning” — basically brown sugar and black pepper, that magical sweet-salty-spicy mix. Hungry yet?

According to a press release, Snackin’ Bacon should be available at Dunkin’ shops as of Feb. 26.


Folks on Twitter received the news with their customary enthusiasm. User @Brittany_207 is ready to snack:

@McCoy1906 is getting a craving, too:

@wanderer_aly snagged a bag and is getting looks — but is uncertain whether people are jealous or judging:

I’d go with jealous.

The fabulous bag o’ bacon isn’t the only new item at Dunkin’ — just the most eye-catching. The brand’s new matcha lattes joined the menu this month, too.

Matcha, a brilliant-green powder made from ground green tea leaves, is a health-food favorite. It’s high in antioxidants, which some studies have linked to health benefits such as preventing heart disease. The new lattes are available with the customers’ choice of milk, served hot, iced or frozen.

The name Dunkin’ Donuts doesn’t scream “healthy,” but the brand’s been embracing more modern ways of eating (even dropping that “Donuts” part). Last year they even began offering a plant-based breakfast-sausage patty made by Beyond Meat.

Don’t get me wrong: A chocolate-frosted donut and a cup of black coffee is an eternal breakfast of champions. But times are changing, and green tea matcha lattes at Dunkin’-not-just-Donuts is a sign of the times.

And now we can get bacon to go, too!

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