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This popular drill brush set that turns your drill into a cleaning tool is half price right now

This popular drill brush set that turns your drill into a cleaning tool is half price right now
Posted at 2:12 PM, Oct 25, 2022

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Some people enjoy cleaning. Scouring away dirt gives you a feeling of accomplishment and can even be a stress-relieving workout. But nobody wants an aching back or sore arms from excessively trying to scrub away tough grime. Fortunately, some highly recommended products can help.

Hiware Four-Piece Drill Brush Set

The Hiware four-piece drill brush set claims to take the hard work out of cleaning tubs, tile and many other surfaces. And judging by its popularity, that claim may be accurate.

This set of drill attachments includes three medium-stiffness nylon bristled round brushes in different sizes. It also comes with a stainless steel chuck that allows you to attach the brushes to your drill.


The different sizes and shapes let you select the most effective brush for the job. You can use it in the bathroom, throughout your home and even in your vehicle, swimming pool or on other outdoor items.

This drill brush set has nearly 28,000 ratings and 4.5 out of 5 stars. Customers who reviewed the set love that it’s easy to use, works well on tile and grout and removes nasty hard water stains.

“Wow what a great product,” wrote user Real Life Mommy. “It made cleaning my bathroom a breeze. The brushes fit right on my drill and were ready to use out of the box. I was surprised at how well the brushes held up, they are very durable and still look brand new after several uses. I would recommend these for any tough stains. I will be a repeat customer for years to come.”

Amazon | Real Life Mommy

Some say it works on more than just the tub, as well.

“I bought a second set to use in the kitchen and with some Bar Keepers Friend and water my grody gas range looked almost brand new,” one reviewer wrote, adding, “Out of everything, though, I think my favorite use I have found for them so far is on my old baking pans.”

On the other hand, several reviewers stated that the bristles were not as tough as they thought they would be. In addition, some mentioned being careful where you use the drill brush set, as it can damage some surfaces, like plastic.

The Hiware four-piece drill brush set is usually $16, but it’s currently on sale for $8.05.

OXO Good Grips Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber


If you don’t have a drill or prefer something to help you manually clean your tub and tile, this extendable scrubber might fit the bill. The OXO Good Grips Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber has a handle that extends from 26 to 42 inches with a quick twist.

It has an abrasive, anti-microbial, pivoting head uniquely shaped to get into corners, grout lines and other hard-to-access places. The pole is lightweight and has a soft, non-slip grip. You can also replace the scrubber as needed.

With more than 37,300 ratings and 4.3 stars, this popular scrubbing tool is $15.99.

Mr. Clean Clean Freak Mist All Purpose Cleaner


Whether you opt for a drill brush set, a handheld scrubber or another cleaning device, you’ll probably need a cleaning product to go with it.

Mr. Clean brand Clean Freak Deep Cleaning Mist has more than 13,800 ratings for an average of 4.7 out of five stars. The innovative cleaning mist is designed to activate on contact. It cuts through dirt, and you wipe it away. It has an aerosol-free power nozzle, and you can save money and waste with refills.

Customers say it works great for bathrooms, countertops, stainless steel appliances and more. You can get a three-pack of Clean Freak Deep Cleaning Mist, with two lemon-scented sprays and one lavender scent, for $19.46.

You can still enjoy the benefits of a clean, fresh home without the back-breaking work.

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