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Crochet adorable bees with this quick and easy pattern

Crochet adorable bees with this quick and easy pattern
Posted at 6:30 AM, Jun 07, 2023

Making items with a crochet hook and some yarn is a fun and creative hobby. But, summer may not seem like the time to pick up some of the typical projects, such as hats, scarves and blankets. If you’re looking for a quick, fun crochet activity, then how about creating some adorable bees?

Bees? Adorable? While the thought of insects may send a few people scattering, you have to trust us when we tell you that not only are these crocheted bees harmless, they are so cute you’ll practically want to cuddle them! And completing these small crochet items is satisfying without being overwhelming.

In fact, people online can’t seem to get enough of crocheting little bees, and we found a fun, quick pattern for you to try. This Busy Bee Pattern comes from CottageCrochetCo on Etsy.

Crochet Busy Bees from pattern

The shop owner, Gill, has this simple crochet bee pattern available as an instant download for only $2.59. The finished project measures just 5 cm long and 3 cm high, so you can whip up a bunch pretty quickly. You can use these bees as decorations, make them into a keychain or just collect them in different fun colors.

According to the pattern description, these bees are perfect for beginners who are learning to crochet in the round and only require a double crochet to complete. Crafters can choose to use the DK cotton recommended by the pattern creator or simply use up scraps of regular cotton yarn.

If you’re a more visual learner, you could try this chunky yarn bee pattern from TikTok creator @bunnyscreations2000. There is a two-part video tutorial for this cute little guy: one for the body and one for the wings.

@bunnyscreations2000 Crochet Bee Tutorial! 🖤💛 Check out Part 2 for the Wings and Assembly Please stitch/tag me with your guy’s little bee creations! 🤩 #crochettiktok #crochettutorial #crochetbee #crochetbeeplush #womanownedbusiness #womenentrepreneurs #smallbusiness #Crochet #crochetbeginners ♬ Aesthetic – Gaspar

This video tutorial might be more suitable for someone who has crocheted before and just wants to get a look at how to make this project. But, the best part of video tutorials is that they can be stopped and rewound as many times as necessary.

Happy stitching!

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