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This company will pay you $2,000 to drink beer

This company will pay you $2,000 to drink beer
Posted at 9:35 AM, Sep 08, 2021

If you consider yourself a beer aficionado and love trying new brews, there’s a chance you can now get paid to drink your way through one of the country’s best cities for beer. is looking for someone who can help them decide which of the beer capitals of the U.S. deserves the title most.

The Chief Beer Baron will get paid to drink (responsibly, of course) with $2,000 to cover the beer tab and $1,000 for travel costs. If you’re chosen for the job and happen to fall in love with the city you’re drinking in, you’ll also get an additional $500 to stay longer or even move to the city if you choose.



As the Chief Beer Baron, you simply pick one site from this list of Best Cities for Beer Lovers, which ranked based on how many breweries the towns have per capita. Then, you will head there to celebrate Oktoberfest. After visiting (and drinking!), you’lll fill out a questionnaire to review the city’s beer scene based on the beverages, food and culture. says the ideal candidate needs to be a beer enthusiast who likes reviewing and debating about different brews. You also need to be interested in comparing your local craft brewing scene to that of the city you’re visiting. And, obviously, you need to be 21 years of age or older and eligible to work within the United States.

To apply, simply read the full job listing and fill out the form on’s website with basic details. You’ll have to answer a few other questions, like why you think you’d be the best candidate for the job and if you think you’ll be likely to move in the coming year.

Applications are due by Sept. 10 and a winner will be announced on Sept. 15. If you’re the selected candidate, you’ll receive an email confirmation and will have two business days to respond. You then have 90 days to make the trip to your selected beer capital.

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Would you love to visit one of America’s beer capitals and get paid to drink on the job?

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