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You Can Now Buy Lisa Frank Nail Polish And Nail Art

You Can Now Buy Lisa Frank Nail Polish And Nail Art
Posted at 12:35 PM, Sep 01, 2021

Calling all ’90s kids who were raised on crazy-bright colors and whimsical designs: If you’ve been craving a little nostalgia in your beauty routine, there’s a new collaboration between Lisa Frank and Orly nails now available at Ulta that should scratch this precise itch.

Orly’s new collection of Lisa Frank nail products includes nail polish, topcoats, confetti topper and even some nail wraps featuring the candy-colored, fantastical imagery and prints we’ve long associated with the Lisa Frank brand, such as rainbows, animals and space themes.

You can start by applying a base coat of one of the nail lacquers, which come in trios of eye-bursting shades of bright pink, orange and yellow (Dancing Dolphins), or green, purple and blue (Markie). They’re $31.99 each.


Then, glide on a shimmery iridescent Star Glaze topcoat ($10.99), or add a layer of celebration to your nails with the Hits the Spot confetti topper ($10.99), which features tiny pieces of colorful confetti suspended in the polish.

Twitter user @curlycomedynail tried her hand at a Lisa Frank look with the Hits the Spot topper and posted photos of her sweet-looking nails in a tweet:

As you can see, using these Lisa Frank nail products may cause immediate longing for middle-school birthday parties at the roller-skating rink.

If you don’t have time for a whole nail polish regimen, check out the psychedelic nail wraps that you can simply stick onto your nails to create a cool Lisa Frank nail art effect. The wraps come in animal prints, aliens-and-cosmos imagery and standard Lisa Frank rainbows-and-unicorns — all in the brightest colors known to humankind.

Lisa Frank x Orly

And if all these vivid hues and cheerful illustrations only make you wistful for the classic Lisa Frank stationery and school supplies of yore, you can still find those products in stores today.

Walmart carries a few Lisa Frank products, like this bundle of stationery items for $5.47 that includes a folder, notebook and three-ring binder, all sporting the bubbly, vibrant illustrations that will instantly uncork your ’90s nostalgia.


Will you try the new Lisa Frank nail art collection?

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