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Fisher-Price Sells A Charcuterie Set For Kids With Fake Brie And Faux Marble Plates

Fisher-Price Sells A Charcuterie Set For Kids With Fake Brie And Faux Marble Plates
Posted at 8:20 AM, Jan 30, 2020

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How well-stocked is your children’s play kitchen? Because Fisher-Price has a new fake food set for your — I mean, your kids’ — consideration.

The 15-piece “Snacks for Two” pretend charcuterie snack set ($19.99) comes with a photorealistic fabric wheel of brie and a small log of salami, both of which can be “cut” into slices and served on felt crackers. There’s a faux marble-painted set of dishes and a faux marble/wood cutting board along with a cheese knife, plastic grapes and two cloth napkins saying “You’re Grape” and “Let It Brie.”


Fisher-Price’s product description says that “Little foodies will love indulging in fancy snacking fun” and that the set “lets your kiddo slice, share, and serve a delicious spread of pretend salami, cheese, crackers, and fruit…so, basically live their absolute best life.”

While my first reaction to seeing this set was “OMG, look at that brie! Squee!” apparently, this pretend set put a wedge between those who thought it was pretentious and those who thought it was adorable. My husband is on the “kids don’t need a fake charcuterie board” side and so is this Twitter user.

“I have no words – just laughter. This is apparently for a ‘higher class’ of child than I am used to dealing with,” tweeted @jillians_myth:

And @lovelolaheart was just “outraged” at the lack of any pretend hard cheese on this particular pretend charcuterie board, plus the fact that kids were learning “to cut both brie and salami with a soft cheese knife.”

On the flip side, there were many positive tweets in response to the “backlash,” like @jrutter3 who shared a photo of his daughter playing with the set.

“Teaching my daughter to do this,” he wrote. “Can you believe they don’t sell a Fisher Price Red Wine bottle/glass!? Got the cheese board though.”

And many Amazon reviewers said their kids were delighted by the play charcuterie set, as were the adults.

“My 35 year old is a master charcuterie board designer and my 3 year old daughter is so enamored,” wrote Amazon reviewer M&L. “This was the perfect gift for the two of them to play with together.”

As Parents points out, “if a charcuterie board is too fancy or elitist, then maybe it’s time to pack up the toy smartphones, Hotwheels Lambos, and red-soled dress-up shoes, too.”

Would you get this little pretend food set for the kids in your life?

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