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Everything Bagel-flavored Ice Cream Now Exists

Everything Bagel-flavored Ice Cream Now Exists
Posted at 1:25 PM, Feb 02, 2021

From mustard to pickles to Ritz crackers, there’s no shortage of interesting ice cream flavors on the market. Many of these unusual offerings pair up salty or tart snacks with the sweetness of ice cream. The latest unique ice cream flavor to hit the market, however, combines a savory breakfast classic with creamy dessert: everything bagel ice cream!

The cream cheese-flavored ice cream from Jeni’s is full of everything bagel seasoning (or “gravel,” to use their term), which includes sesame and poppy seeds — plus onions and garlic.

After reading that description, I had to try it for myself, and it tastes exactly like I thought/hoped it would. If you can forget for a second that you’re eating onion and garlic in ice cream, it’s actually kind of magical.


The cream cheese ice cream merges perfectly with the seasoning flavors for what tastes like a bagel that has been completely covered in cream cheese. One thing to note is that the onion flavor is the strongest, so to be very specific, it tastes like an everything bagel with chive-flavored cream cheese.

While I’d file it under a must-try for anyone who loves unique ice cream flavors, it is $12 a pint, plus shipping, so it’s not for those who are just a little curious. It’s also not the kind of ice cream you’ll want to eat a whole pint of at once, though, because the flavor is quite strong, so a pint should last a while.


While this appears to be the only bagel-flavored ice cream on the market, you could try making a bagel-and-ice-cream sandwich, like one Ben & Jerry’s shop in London did a few years ago. If you like chocolate flavors, check out this Oreo bagel recipe (and then slather on some Oreo ice cream once it’s baked), or if you want something more unique, this lavender bagel sandwich calls for real lavender, plus vanilla ice cream.

If you’re looking for more everything bagel flavor, there are a few other ways to use the seasoning in dishes, like these “egglets,” which sprinkle the seasoning on top of eggs for mini carb-free BLTs, or this chicken dish. You can even try sprinkling it on popcorn, salad or in soup.

You can also buy everything bagel shrimp from SeaPak that even comes with cream cheese and chive dipping sauce. The seasoning blend on the shrimp is the same as the standard recipe: sesame seeds, salt, poppy seeds, dried garlic and dried onion.


If you’re really just here for the ice cream, the everything bagel ice cream is just one of a collection of Bake Shop flavors from Jeni’s.

Try the Skillet Cinnamon Roll if you’re looking for other breakfast flavors or Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Blackout Chocolate Cake or Brandied Banana Brulee if you want dessert. They even have a Goat Cheese With Red Cherries flavor that sounds pretty intriguing!


Would you try an everything bagel-flavored ice cream?

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