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Businessman's dismembered body and chainsaw found in freezer

Thai police say they found a missing German businessman's body Monday night inside a freezer along with a chainsaw, hedge clippers and plastic.
Businessman's dismembered body and chainsaw found in freezer
Posted at 8:42 PM, Jul 11, 2023

A missing German businessman's body was found dismembered in a southern Thailand home's freezer, Thai police said Tuesday.

German real estate broker Hans-Peter Mack had been missing since July 4 until police found the 62-year-old's body late Monday night in a Nong Prue rental home outside of Bangkok, The Pattaya News reported. 

Local police chief Tawee Kudthalaeng said investigators used security camera video to find Mack, and CCTV footage published by The Pattaya News shows the freezer apparently being transported in a black pickup truck.

When investigators found the freezer in the home bedroom, there were multiple black garbage bags of Mack's body parts inside, along with another trash bag containing a cordless chainsaw and charger, hedge clippers and two large rolls of plastic.

According to The Bangkok Post, German national Petra Christl Grundgreif has surrendered to police in connection to the murder, and warrants remain out for two others: Another German national named Olaf Thorsten Brinkmann and a Pakistani man with Thai nationality named Zahrouk Kareem Uddin. They were charged with colluding in theft and murder. Police are expected to seek court approval to arrest another German suspect, the fourth in the case.

Mack's 24-year-old Thai wife said her husband had left their home in Pattaya to meet with a foreign property broker on July 4 but never came back. Relatives then offered a 3 million baht cash reward for any information related to his discovery.

When Mack's car was later found in a condominium parking lot in Nong Prue Sunday morning, police said there were stains of a chemical cleanser apparently used to destroy evidence. Investigators also discovered more than 3 million baht had been transferred from Mack's bank account to various other accounts.

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