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Build-A-Bear Has New Gift Boxes For Adults

Build-A-Bear Has New Gift Boxes For Adults
Posted at 9:15 AM, Jan 26, 2022

While heading to Build-a-Bear and creating a stuffed animal might seem like a children’s activity, the company is now adding a new collection aimed specifically at adults.

Build-a-Bear’s new HeartBox collection features four curated gift boxes designed for adult-to-adult gifting that can be ordered online and shipped right to the recipient. The boxes each include an assortment of products to celebrate or acknowledge a special occasion, as well as a teddy bear that can be customized with a personal voice message recorded directly by the giver.

The first two boxes are designed for special occasions, while the other two are “just-because” boxes. Prices range from $64-$85, plus a bit more for extras like recordings and scents.


A Romantic Option

The Romantic at Heart Box would be perfect for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary. The box includes Sugarfina Long-Stem Roses gummies, a wild currant-scented candle from Trapp and a unique red bear holding a red rose wristie. You can also add a scent to your bear so it smells like fresh roses.


For Birthdays

When it’s time to celebrate the b-day of a friend or family member that doesn’t live near you, the Hooray! It’s Your Birthday Box can be delivered to whoever is celebrating. The box includes a white bear who’s holding a cupcake wristie that can be given a scent called Birthday Sweets, also Sugarfina gummy Ice Cream Cones, a 20-ounce confetti drink tumbler and a confetti party popper.


Brighten Up Their Day

One of the two boxes that can be given “just because,” the Little Bit of Sunshine Box is meant for anyone who needs a dose of sunshine. It comes with an adorable tan bear holding a sun-shaped wristie and can include the scent of English lavender, also some Sugarfina rainbow gummy bears, some Cup of Sunshine herbal loose-leaf tea from Big Heart Tea Co. and a 14-ounce yellow transit tumbler.


Make Them Blush

Finally, the You’re the Best Box is meant for friend gifts, gal pal gifts, thank-you gifts or any “just-because” moment. It includes a soft bear holding a blush-pink heart-shaped wristie, Sugarfina champagne bubbles gummies, Blushing pink hibiscus tea from Big Heart Tea Co. and a 10-ounce floral-themed wine tumbler. The bear can also be scented like a floral bouquet for an extra dose of happiness.


While this collection is specifically for grown-ups, Build-a-Bear has always had gifts for all ages and occasions, like weddings, Valentine’s Day, congratulations, “Get Well” bears and more.

The brand has also had several limited-edition collections over the years, including Harry Potter, Star Wars, Sonic the Hedgehog and even a Coconut Caramel Girl Scout Cookie Bear.

Build A Bear Workshop

You really never outgrow a stuffed animal in a cool outfit, right?

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