4 quizzes to help you choose the right career

Posted at 10:28 AM, Jan 27, 2017

While many people are focused on losing weight, saving money, and breaking bad habits, you may be striving to make 2017 the year you land your dream job.

Are you ready to make your personal passion your professional future? Do you want a career that makes you excited? Something that uses your skills and values the natural abilities you already exhibit?

If you’re nodding yes, then your first step is to figure out what you want to do. How can you marry what you love with what you do?

These four career quizzes will help you discover where your interests can best be applied to our global marketplace. You’ll be able to identify the careers, industries, and roles that are best suited for your personal and professional happiness.

#1: O*NET Interest Profiler

What: The O*NET Interest Profiler first identifies your interests and then showcases corresponding careers.

How: You’re given 60 questions about work activities and asked to select a response ranging from “strongly dislike” to “strongly like” based on how you feel about participating in the activity. Respond quickly without considering if you’re qualified to do something, or how much money it could make you.

Results: Your Interest Profiler results are provided immediately. You’re given a score ranging from 1, not very interested, to 20, very interested, in the following categories: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. Learn more about each interest and how you can apply it to your professional aspirations by clicking on the category’s profile.

#2: Holland Code Career Test

What: The Holland Code Career Test is similar to the Interest Profiler in that it identifies your level of interest in the RIASEC categories (see above). However, this test provides additional information to connect your interests to a variety of career types and possible careers for you.

How: First answer 60 questions about work activities, choosing the response that best suits your interest from “dislike” to “like.” Then respond to 18 words with how well you believe that word describes you, from “not like me” to “like me” or “neutral.”

Results: Results are provided immediately in three sections: career type, score summary and exploring careers.

1.    Career type identifies your top area of interest from the following: thinker, helper, persuader, organizer, creator and doer.

2.    Score summary scores each of the six interest areas from low, to moderate, to high.

3.    Exploring careers lets you search for careers based on your personal interest profile.



#3: RichardStep Strengths and Weakness Aptitude Test

What:The RichardStep Strengths and Weakness Aptitude Test, identifies your Top 5 strengths and one bottom weakness. Find a career and company culture that values and utilizes these strengths, while providing tools to improve your weakness.

How: The RSWAT is an 84-question quiz that asks you to respond to each personal statement within the range of “disagree strongly” to “agree strongly.” Questions gauge your interests, perspective, abilities, and other internal motivations that influence actions.

Results: You’ll receive your results immediately. First discover your top five strengths out of the 21 traits tested. You can also see your percentages in the remaining traits. Then find out your bottom one weakness where you scored the lowest.

#4: 41 Question Personality Test

What: Discover your personality type and potential careers associated with the traits you already possess.

How: For each of the 41 questions, you’re asked to select one of the two options that best describes you, not how you want others to see you.

Results: Results are calculated immediately and contain your personality type, careers that fit that personality type, renowned persons with a similar personality type, and showcases where you lie on the following ranges:

?     Extrovert vs. introvert - how much you like to be around people

?     Sensing vs. intuitive - how you process information

?     Thinking vs. feeling - how you make decisions

?     Judging vs. perceiving - how you structure your life.

These career quizzes can provide a variety of useful information to help you make the best career choice for your future.

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