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Bath And Body Works Has New Tropical Scents

Bath And Body Works Has New Tropical Scents
Posted at 1:02 PM, Feb 22, 2022

We still have a while to go before summer is officially here, but if you’re getting antsy for warmer weather, you may want to plan a trip to Bath & Body Works.

The chain has just launched a new collection of more than 150 tropical-themed products to deliver sunny scents in the dead of winter. From lotions and scrubs with ingredients like coconut oil and walnut shells to pamper yourself with a spa day, to candles to make your home feel like a staycation, new scents include Fresh Getaway, Fiji Sunshine Guava-tini, Beach Weather and Mango Mai Tai, to name a few.

You’ll find more than 30 new three-wick and single-wick candles, plus dozens of hand soaps, sanitizers and other body care products. We took a look through the choices and here are a few we’re most excited to try:

Fresh Getaway Sand and Sea Salt Scrub

This Fresh Getaway Sand and Sea Salt Scrub is infused with coconut oil and walnut shells to gently buff away dry skin to soften and condition. It has scents of bright yuzu citrus and fresh ocean air and Bath & Body Works says it smells like “a refreshing getaway to the coast.”

Bath & Body Works

Beach Weather Three-Wick Candle

The Beach Weather three-wick candle will mentally take you to the shore with scents of sun-dried sandalwood, coconut, palm trees and salty waves. You’ll also find a Suntan-scented candle with fragrance notes of sun-kissed citrus, orange blossoms and coconut husk.

Bath & Body Works

Pink Pineapple Sunrise Body Cream

This Pink Pineapple Sunrise body cream is infused with hyaluronic acid and shea butter. The scent has fragrance notes of sweet pink pineapple, palm sugar and nectar. The scent was inspired by the real pink pineapple fruit, which has a cotton-candy finish and is less sour than traditional pineapple. You’ll also find the scent in soap, fine fragrance mist, body wash and a candle.

Bath & Body Works

Island Margarita Three-Wick Candle

Also a new scent, this Island Margarita three-wick candle has fragrance notes of sweet mandarin, mango and sea salt, so you can fill your home with the smells of a freshly prepared tropical cocktail.

Bath & Body Works

Bahamas Passionfruit & Banana Flower Body Wash

The Bahamas Passionfruit & Banana Flower body wash is meant to smell like a fruity island getaway with scents of passionfruit, pineapple leaves and banana flower. Banana flower, by the way, is not part of the actual banana tree, but gets its name because it smells like the fruit.

Bath & Body Works


Ocean Single-Wick Candle

While Bath & Body Works can get pretty into the weeds with its scent names, this one simply called Ocean gets right to a fragrance many of us know and love. The scent has notes of blue cypress, vetiver and coastal air, bringing the tropics to your room.

Bath & Body Works

Saltwater Breeze Wallflower Fragrance Refill

If you want your home to smell like a beach house but aren’t comfortable with burning candles, the Saltwater Breeze Wallflower fragrance refill has scents of fresh linen, violet leaves, water blossom and white musk. The scent pairs well with a Wallflower plug like this gorgeous dolphin nightlight.

Bath & Body Works


You can see all the products in the new tropical collection by visiting Bath & Body Works’ website or shopping in-store. Are you ready for summer?

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