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Baskin-Robbins’ New Ice Cream Cake Looks Like A Pile Of Pancakes

Baskin-Robbins’ New Ice Cream Cake Looks Like A Pile Of Pancakes
Posted at 5:30 AM, May 05, 2022

Ice cream cake is traditionally an after-dinner treat — and usually for special occasions. But you’re going to want Baskin-Robbins’ latest cake for breakfast.

The new limited-time Tall Stack Cake resembles a giant plate of pancakes, complete with syrup and butter. The cake has one layer of ice cream and one layer of cake, all covered in frosting and topped with caramel praline “syrup” and a scoop of vanilla ice cream meant to resemble a dollop of butter. It is fully customizable with your favorite Baskin-Robbins ice cream and cake flavors, and you can include writing like “Mom” for a Mother’s Day celebration.

The Tall Stack Cake will be available through May 31, but if you order one before May 15 you can save $5. Just make sure your ice cream cake purchase is $35 or more. Then, when you preorder it online, use code 5OFF at checkout. Or, show the mobile app coupon at your local shop.


Prefer just the ice cream? Baskin-Robbins is also launching a new ice cream flavor that’s perfect for sweetening up your mornings. Breakfast in Bed is the Flavor of the Month for May.

A press release notes that the development of Breakfast in Bed required taste-testing a number of flavor pairings, but in the end the company opted to highlight buttermilk pancake and maple syrup ice creams as “the stars of the scoop.”

“Adding the swirls of blueberry compote throughout provides a burst of authentic fruity sweetness and deliciously complements the combination of ice cream flavors,” Baskin-Robbins said in the release. “The scoop is then finished off with the pancake pieces swirled throughout to provide the fluffy texture of a real pancake.”


If you don’t have a Baskin-Robbins near you, Turkey Hill has a limited-edition Blueberry Pancake ice cream that you may be able to find at a store near you.

It’s labeled as a Mystery Flavor and was part of a contest, with those who guessed it correctly getting a chance at winning ice cream for life. While the contest is over, the ice cream is in stores while supplies last, so you may still be able to grab some.

Will you be bringing a Baskin-Robbins pancake-flavored ice cream cake to your next celebration?

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