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Amazon Warehouse: What it is and how to shop it

Amazon Warehouse: What it is and how to shop it
Posted at 6:00 AM, Sep 03, 2021

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You already go to Amazon for good deals. But you might not know about a search option within the e-commerce giant’s site that could save you even more money.

Amazon Warehouse is a section of the online retailer that sells discounted “like-new, open-box or pre-owned” items that have been returned by customers.

To use Amazon Warehouse you can bookmark its landing page or use the pull-down menu option for “Amazon Warehouse” on Amazon’s homepage. Simply click on the arrow just to the left of the search box to open up the menu showing various departments.

You’ll find used products listed with their conditions listed for informed shopping. Conditions include Renewed, Used-Like New, Used-Very Good, Used-Good, and Used-Acceptable.

Every item bought through Amazon Warehouse comes with a 30-day return or exchange policy. It’s that return policy that provides so much of the product available under Amazon Warehouse since buyers can send back new products for pretty much any reason. And as with other online purchases, what you ordered doesn’t always turn out to be what you wanted when it arrives in the mail.

Just remember that since items are stocked as they come back to the warehouse, you might have a harder time exchanging an item for another one in the same condition category.

Make sure when you are buying an item from Amazon Warehouse that it is fulfilled by Amazon and not a third party, which might have different return policies.


Items listed as damaged can sometimes mean just bent corners on the box or small scratches when you buy “Used-Like New” and “Used-Very Good” products, according to Good Housekeeping writer Shanon Maglente. Often, the defects aren’t even noticeable.

And there may not be much difference between “like new” and “very good.” So you could gamble on the cheaper “very good” item if you’re fine with possibly having to return it if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

“Be aware that these descriptors are only as good as the human who inspected them,” said Beth Eaglescliffe at Tough Nickel. “What they consider ‘good’ I may find to be only ‘acceptable.’ On the other hand, their ‘very good’ may be ‘like new’ in my eyes. I find it is more useful to read and take note of the accompanying detailed description of the item’s defects.”

For instance, a recent search for an Apple Watch came back with a result for a Series 3 version. Under the “Used-Good” condition details, the comments say, “Small cosmetic imperfection on top, front or sides of item. Small cosmetic imperfection on bottom or back of item. Missing bonus material. Missing manual. Item will come repackaged.”

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A recent search for an ottoman on Amazon Warehouse came up with a brand new knit pouf for $60.49. The same item in “Used-Very Good” condition was being sold for $43.07 and is fulfilled by Amazon. You can also choose what condition you want to search for within Amazon Warehouse so you can skip over “Acceptable” items if that makes you nervous.


Tough Nickel also suggests that if an item you were looking at goes up in price, it may come down again soon since Amazon’s algorithm is always changing. You’ll get even more savings on Amazon Warehouse on Black Friday and special Prime days.

Have you bought anything via Amazon Warehouse?

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