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Denver family creating and selling Ukrainian flags to raise money for various charities

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Posted at 1:42 PM, Mar 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-23 13:20:03-04

DENVER — A Denver family is coming together to show their support for the people of Ukraine.

They have launched a fundraiser to help raise money for different charities.

Many people in the community are already joining the effort to help.

At the McFarlane family’s house, you’ll see a display of flags proudly hanging. All of them represent different parts of their family. They recently went to buy one to show their support for Ukraine.

"The flag guy told me it was the last flag he had and I said, 'well, what about everybody else? We need to do something about that,'" said John McFarlane.

So they did. The family decided to start making their own out of wood pallets and sell them to help raise money to give to different organizations.

They're already seeing an overwhelming response from people in the community.

Mona Kostelecky stopped by to purchase a flag on Sunday morning. She said her mother-in-law is from Ukraine and she also has several friends in Poland.

"It was important for us to show some support, and for money to go over there and help as much as we can," said Kostelecky.

"It's tough to see the kids and what they're going through. It's hard not to get emotional. I just think about my daughter, and what would happen, you know, if we were in that situation, getting her and my wife out of the country, and me having to stay behind. It's tough to think about what that would be like," said McFarlane's son, Johnathan.

The money raised will help in a few different ways. It'll go to the International Rescue Committee which is helping refugees.

It will also go to Project Dynamo. A group that is helping people get out of Ukraine.

The McFarlane family also plans to book rooms on Airbnb, without the intent to stay there. That will help get money directly to the people that are still in the war zone.

You can purchase a flag for a minimum donation of $25. You can also help by donating pallets or volunteering your time to help paint them.

The family has also launched a website with more information on how you can buy a flag.