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Aaron Rodgers aims for playoff return after innovative surgery

The New York Jets quarterback underwent an innovative Achilles surgery designed to help him heal faster.
Aaron Rodgers aims for playoff return after innovative surgery
Posted at 10:14 AM, Sep 17, 2023

New York Jets fans may have some hope after all.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is aiming for a possible playoff return after undergoing an innovative Achilles surgery that could help him heal faster.

It was first reported that Rodgers' injury was season-ending.

Sources told the NFL Network that orthopedic surgeon Neal ElAttrache and his team performed a procedure to place an internal brace known as an Achilles "speed bridge" on the player's fully-torn left Achilles. Sources said it is a fairly new procedure which could see athletes recover in as little as four months.

It is possible that Rodgers also received platelet-rich plasma injections, which is what the late Kobe Bryant of the Lakers received for a knee injury in Germany, the NFL Network said. Like Rodgers, Bryant also had ElAttrache repair his torn Achilles in 2013.

"Give me the doubts, give me the time tables, give me all the things that you think can, should or will happen — because all I need is that extra 1% of inspiration," Rodgers said via video on ESPN's Pat McAfee Show.

"Give me your prognostications, and then watch what I do," he said.

Rodgers' injury happened at the start of the Jets' home game opener against the Buffalo Bills last week. While Gang Green won the game in overtime, fans have been anticipating a stellar season with the addition of the star quarterback.

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