Ideas for Peyton after NFL retirement

Posted at 11:14 AM, Mar 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-07 18:27:50-05

At 39 years old, Peyton Manning has plenty of time for a second wind.

At his formal retirement press conference, Manning said the end of his NFL career is "just the beginning of something I haven't even discovered yet."

We decided to give the now former Broncos quarterback a few ideas.

1. Open a new franchise called Peyton's Parm: We know Peyton is a Papa John's guy but he's come to be better known, perhaps, for his love of chicken parmesan. 

Snoop Dogg asks Peyton for Papa John's discount in Colorado

2. Peyton for President: Trump... Sanders... enough! We demand someone who makes the Monday after the Super Bowl a national holiday.


3. Become a member of the Broncos coaching staff: He had some practice when the foot injury sidelined him. Let's make this a permanent thing.

4. Become a sports analyst... for Denver7 of course.

5. Become the permanent host of Saturday Night Live. Watch these clips and you'll agree:

Peyton, never retire from funny commercials

6. Become the Denver County sheriff: Peyton began going by "The Sheriff" when ESPN's Jon Gruden called him that during a Colts-Dolphins game in  2009. Gruden said Manning "lays down the law" in competition's stadiums. Thus, a nickname was born. We might as well make it a official.

7. Golf: We guessed this one correctly! Peyton said in his retirement press conference, "I'm going to play a little golf with both of my brothers." We also vote for fishing. Both are retirement classics.

8. Sell Omaha Steaks: The company said it would donate $1,000 for every time Peyton said "Omaha" during the Super Bowl. They ended up giving away $25,000. This is a money maker and it's Peyton's trademark! He should use it to his own advantage.