Aeroflot turbulence leaves passengers with fractures and bruises

Posted at 9:53 AM, May 01, 2017

At least 27 passengers were injured when an Aeroflot flight from Moscow to Bangkok hit severe air turbulence on Monday.

24 Russians and 3 Thais were hurt, with some suffering serious fractures and bruising, when the plane unexpectedly hit an "air hole" during its approach to Suvarnabhumi Airport, according to the statement from Russian Embassy in Bangkok.

"Some injured passengers were not wearing seat belts. All victims were taken to a local hospital with various injuries, mostly fractures and bruises. Some require surgery. Fifteen people remain hospitalized," the embassy said.



The Airport Authority of Thailand said in a press release that 30 passengers had been injured during the flight with 27 individuals transferred to Samitivej Srinakarin hospital in Bangkok, while three chose to seek their own treatment.

It added that the flight was traveling with 318 passengers and 14 crew on board and that it was struck with turbulence as it flew over Myanmar.

'Blood on the ceiling'

Rostik Rusev, who is from Ukraine but lives in Hackensack, New Jersey, was on the flight and told CNN it was so bad it threw passengers out of their seats.

"It lasted for about ten seconds, the plane was being thrown everywhere," Rusev told CNN.

"There was blood on the ceiling, people with broken noses, babies who were hurt, it was horrible. It came out of nowhere it was like driving a car and a tire suddenly bursts.

"The aircraft personnel couldn't have been more professional and courageous. They were heroes in everything they were doing."

Rusev also provided CNN with a photograph showing blood on an overhead compartment, which, he says, was the result of people being thrown out of their seats and hitting the ceiling.

Aeroflot issued a statement explaining the circumstances surrounding the incident, which occurred about 40 minutes before landing, saying that this type of turbulence known as "clear sky turbulence" is difficult to prepare for as "it does not occur in clouds but in clear skies with good visibility."

The flight operator cited this as the reason passengers were not warned to return to their seats before adding that around 750 cases of clear sky turbulence occurs globally each year.

Russian officials were at hospitals in the Thai capital providing translation and counseling assistance.