United Airlines to charge less for new ticket price if you want to ditch your overhead bag

Some fares restrict access to overhead bin
Posted at 5:03 PM, Dec 05, 2016

DENVER -- Pay attention if you’re planning to book a getaway next year. United Airlines has announced a new low fare that is meant to save a few bucks for those willing to make a couple of sacrifices.

It’s called the "basic economy fare."

With the lowest ticketing option, travelers can pay a low price, but will lose access to the overhead bin and must carry a bag that fits under the seat in front of you.

If you have a bag bigger than that, you’ll be forced to pay to check it.

Right now, United charges $25 for the first checked bag, $50 for two and $100 for any amount over that.

“I'm a knife salesman, so I check a bag with knives and then usually I have a couple bags for my smaller ones, so I check that one and then I just have my backpack or a briefcase with me," said Colin Wayne, who travels weekly for work.

Most of us just can’t find a way to pack any lighter when we travel, but a United spokesperson said restricting access to the overhead bin for some passengers will improve boarding times and ultimately speed up departure times too.

But how many can pack only enough to fit under the seat?

“No, no...I'm gone for two weeks so I had to bring a bigger bag this time, but I always bring a carry on and it wouldn't fit underneath the seat -- there's no chance," said Tyrone Malone, who travels regularly for work.

And those purchasing the basic economy fare won’t be able to select seats before check-in.

“I wouldn't mind checking things if it didn't cost money, but if you buy a cheaper ticket you still have to pay for your bags, it's not worth it," said Amanda Lopez, who’s traveling from Denver to Phoenix.

“I feel like prices are  just going up and security's getting a lot heavier. It's tough to travel these days," said Malone.

This new fare goes on sale in February of next year.


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