Top section of road to summit of Mount Evans closes for season

Posted at 6:59 AM, Sep 03, 2019

It's a sign that winter is on its way in the high country: The top five-mile section of Mount Evans Road closes Tuesday for the season.

This section of the road starts at Summit Lake and takes drivers up multiple switchbacks to the summit.

The lower section of Mount Evans Road will remain open until Oct. 7, unless weather conditions force a change, according to the U.S. Forest Service.

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Though the road typically opens before Memorial Day, late spring snowstorms caused delays across the Rocky Mountains, and Mount Evans Road didn’t open until June 7 this year.

The best time to visit this 14,264-foot mountain is in the mornings and during the week. Weekend visitors should expect heavy traffic, limited parking and lines.

If you plan to visit Mount Evans, be prepared for windy and cold conditions. It’s the highest paved road in North America and weather can be unpredictable at the summit.