Survey: Two thirds of Denver-area parents don't have a close relationship with their child's teacher

Posted at 4:03 PM, Apr 17, 2017

DENVER – A recent survey finds that only a third of Denver-area parents have a close working relationship with their child’s teacher.

The survey by Brain Balance Achievement Centers last month asked 1,000 local parents about their relationship with their child’s teacher.

Thirty-six percent of parents surveyed said their relationship with their child’s teacher is “friendly,” though they don’t see or speak to the teacher often. That’s despite the fact that three out of four parents said they have issues they want to discuss with their child’s teacher.

A close, cooperative relationship between parents and a teacher can be important, especially for kids who have behavioral, social or learning difficulties.

A quarter of parents surveyed said they depend on their child’s teacher to keep them informed of progress and more than half of parents said they would take a teacher’s advice seriously if he or she noticed a problem with their child.

School principal Mike Munier says it’s important to make contact with your child’s teacher early on to build a strong relationship.

“I really strongly suggest the relationship gets established early,” Munier said.

Even if you haven’t maintained regular contact with your child’s teacher, it’s never too late to start, Munier said. And a parent’s approach can make all the difference.

“If a problem does arise, you go in with a diplomatic, statesman-like approach. Nobody likes getting blasted off the seat,” Munier said.

Munier said email can be a good way to reach out to a teacher, but after establishing contact, it’s best to meet face-to-face.

“You miss tone, you miss feeling in an email, or you misread the email,” Munier said.

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