Facebook post sheds new light on vet's disappearance

Posted at 7:06 AM, Mar 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-16 12:51:42-04

BROOMFIELD, Colo. – The wife of a missing war veteran who was found earlier this week is shedding new light on the circumstances behind his disappearance.

Cory Hixson is a Purple Heart recipient who left his Broomfield home Saturday night. He has a traumatic brain injury and suffers from memory loss. Weld County deputies found him in Greeley Monday afternoon.

Shala Hixson, the vet’s wife, publically took to Facebook to say Cory is now in trouble with the law and blaming the VA Hospital for refusing to help.

Shala said Cory was refused a bed at the Denver VA Hospital because they were at capacity. She stated in a Facebook post that she is “overwhelmed as I sit here in the hospital watching my husband frail and lost.”

“I am numb watching the VA do this to him and our family again. He has scrapes and bruises to no end. After what he endured this weekend and a felony charge pending where is our help!” the Facebook post read.

Shala said Cory was arrested Monday and is facing charges of third-degree burglary. While missing, he entered a garage at a home and took some clothing and food, according to the Facebook post.

Shala says after Cory left the home, he was spotted by a neighbor, who called the police. The neighbor later expressed remorse and gave Cory clothing and told him to “run,” but authorities were already en route, the Facebook post read.

The Facebook entry says Cory is experiencing “extreme guilt from causing any pain to the homeowner but understandably his situation was desperate and it created a positive outcome for our family.”

Shala has reached out Sen. Cory Gardner to help with Cory’s legal problems. She says his bond was dropped and Weld County District Attorney’s Office is being very helpful.


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