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Denver receives more than 140 reports of downed trees, limbs after heavy snowfall

Posted at 6:04 PM, Dec 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-30 12:08:04-05

DENVER — Downed trees and limbs after heavy, wet snowfall overnight became a familiar sight across metro Denver Thursday.

"We were sleeping, and then around 4:30, I heard a big crash and just assumed something fell in my house," Joselyn Nesson said.

That big crash ended up being a tree that fell at the corner of East 6th Ave. and Vine Street. The force of the fall was so strong that it knocked down a stop sign.

Denver7 was there Thursday morning as city crews worked to remove and replace the damaged sign. A nearby street sign also didn't make it.

"The street sign was pretty covered by branches, and so we pulled that one away, but I'm guessing the stop sign must have been under the heavier tree branches that we didn't move," Nesson said.

Some of the worst damage happened near East 10th Ave. and Pearl Street. A light pole there broke in half and fell on top of a sedan, damaging the windshield. The cable was wrapped around the car and on the street. A nearby car was also damaged by a fallen tree limb.

Throughout the day, Denver Parks and Recreation received more than 140 reports of downed trees or limbs. The heavy, wet snow caught some homeowners by surprise.

"We've been here for a few years, and I feel like there was one other time, but more of a spring snow, where a lot of the big limbs and big branches got taken out and roads got blocked," Nesson said.

DPR shared the following tips regarding downed trees and branches:

  • If emergency removal of a fallen tree or tree branch is needed to clear a street, call 311 to report the specific address of the location. The city will evaluate and prioritize the removal of the obstruction, and when necessary, the city will remove the encumbrance, and the cost of the work will be billed to the responsible property owner.
  • Property owners are responsible for pruning and cleaning up debris from trees located on private property and within the public right of way adjacent to their property. DO NOT relocate branches to parkways or other public areas.
  • Residents can visit for a list of licensed and insured tree care contractors